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Choosing the Best Journaling Bible When You’re on a Budget
  Let's explore options for the best journaling Bible on any budget and discuss the features of journaling Bibles that[...]
20 Things To Take To Disney World That’ll Save You Money
Here are 20 things to take to Disney World that will save you money and make you the hero of[...]
Planning a Disney World Trip on a Budget (That Your Family Will Love!)
Feeling overwhelmed about planning a Disney World trip on a budget? With these tips, you can have the trip of your[...]
The Best Free Monthly Budget Printable
Use our free monthly budget printable to do what Dave Ramsey says and "tell every dollar where to go." By[...]
20 Free Printable Planner Stickers That’ll Inspire You To Reach Your Goals
These super cute free printable planner stickers are perfect for organizing your planner pages in the new year! Using these[...]
Doing the Hard Things: Jaime’s Interview on Money Savage Podcast
Doing the hard things is always a challenge, but this motivational interview with Jaime of Bubbling Brook Budgets (hosted by[...]

Cook at home

Cooks Illustrated Arroz Con Pollo Recipe (Latino Chicken & Rice)
This Cooks Illustrated Arroz Con Pollo recipe (Latino Style Chicken and Rice) has been in my recipe binder since 2006.[...]
Easy Vegan Thai Greens and Beans Curry Recipe
This easy vegan Thai inspired recipe for greens and beans curry is one the whole family will love! Simmered with[...]
Easy Mixed Vegetable Curry
This easy Mixed Vegetable Curry is ready in about 30 minutes, including prep time. Fresh vegetables, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and[...]

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