Meal Plan, Week of 2/7

We tend to be frugal with our grocery shopping... Here is a short list, subject to change, of what our meal plan is for the upcoming week. Everything will be made from scratch, and often ends up costing less than $5 a dinner for our little family of four.

Oat groats with fruit and nuts
Cinnamon rolls (Crystal @ MoneySavingMom has a great recipe here)
Fruit smoothies

Leftovers from previous night's dinners
Fresh juicing


Spaghetti with turkey bacon and onion, french bread, salad
Chicken picatta, broccoli, buttered orzo
Homemade pasta noodles, marinara with finely chopped zucchini and carrots
Chicken pot pie (loosely based on this recipe)
Bean & barley stew, crusty homemade bread

We also plan to have leftovers for dinner one day and also eat out one day!